Z Glass Design specializes in importing European artistic glass to the United States for use in residential and commercial construction and decoration. Headquartered in New York City, with plans currently underway to open showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Florida, Z Glass Design works with Interior Designers and Architects, in a variety of different industries: residential, commercial, and hospitality (hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs). Our products transform mere rooms to sophisticated, elegant, and unique spaces.

Z Glass' purpose is to bring new life, elegance, and spatial depth to any commercial or residential space. Further, Z Glass breathes new life into the entire idea of design by utilizing glass products.

Zoltan Pongracz, CEO of Z Glass Design Inc., first put his artistic background to work when he immigrated to the United States in 1992 from Eastern Europe. He was cultured and educated in the arts and is an expert finisher. Over time, he formed long-lasting business relationships with some of the country's elite, high-end designers and companies such as Christopher Peacock Cabinetry and Smallbone of Devizes UK. For over 13 years, Zoltan has specialized in interior design, working on some of the world's most elegant homes.

Z Glass Design's are rooted in art. In 2000, Zoltan reunited with his childhood friend, Zoltan Krizsan, who is an award winning, free hand artist from Budapest, Hungary. His work uses a unique and innovative technique of working with layered painted glass to achieve a revolutionary style. At the World Art Foundation in Los Angeles, Zoltan's artwork surpassed hundreds of artists from 40 different countries to be awarded first prize.

Our products have been developed through extensive laboratory testing for over 6 years in Switzerland, Germany, and Holland. Each layer in the three layered glass panel is crafted through burning the paint into the glass. The desired effect is achieved by using contrasting colors and offsetting each layer by less than half an inch (1cm) to create a three-dimensional design that comes to life, especially when hit by light.